Sic Bo Rules Learn How to Play Sic Bo in Under 10 Minutes

The player chooses any three numbers and wins if all three selected numbers appear when the dice are rolled. Betting ‘Specific Doubles’ when playing Sic Bo is a bet that at least two of the dice rolled will show a particular number. Domino Combinations – These bets are shown by domino like symbols on the layout. They are a bet that the two numbers on the domino will appear on the three dice. For example, if you bet on 1,2 you would win if a 1, 2 and any other number were rolled. Big/Small – This is a wager that the sum of the 3 dice will be between 11 and 17 (Big) or 4 and 10 (small).

When betting either Small or Big, you’ll always face a house edge of 2.78 percent, and a win probability of 48.61 percent. Though they may differ slightly from casino to Luckia Casino casino, some basic elements will always be present. The board is made up of a series of rectangles and squares, each with a different dice outcome clearly labeled.

But, apart from the best-known games like poker, blackjack, and roulette, many other games have a lot to offer if you take the time to learn them. Every roll of the dice is a wholly independent event, and the odds are always the same each time the dice hit the felt. If you keep that maxim in mind, online Sic Bo can provide an enjoyable entertainment experience, and perhaps even a little profit to boot. Double bets are depicted on the grid directly next to the Small and Big bets, with rectangular shapes featuring images of two dice showing matching totals (1 – 1, 2 – 2, 3 – 3, and so forth).

  • You can also bet on a specific set of triples, but your odds are worse here.
  • The odds of success for a Four Number Combination bet in Sic Bo are 1 in 70, making it a high-risk, high-reward option for adventurous players.
  • If you play at land-based casino, you can find some players betting only on Big and Small bets.
  • Due to its complicated appearance, many casino players avoid playing Sic Bo, thinking that the game is too hard to learn.
  • It was introduced to the United States by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century, and can now be found in most American casinos.
  • However, once you get a basic understanding of the layout and how the bets work, you’ll have no problem with your bets.

If you’re getting comfortable with single-number bets, you can move into dice combos and other more lucrative bets. The Sic Bo house edge ranges from 2.78% to 29.2% (using standard UK Sic Bo rules). Placing a bet on ‘Small’ is a bet that the total of the three dice will be from 4 to 10.

Four Number Combination

Luckily there isn’t a huge list of online casinos to research for this, as many casinos don’t offer an online version of Sic Bo. However, you can find a simplified version from Evolution Gaming called Lightning Dice, which is provided by many reputable online casinos. Online casinos usually allow betting on up to 16 areas per one roll, but we wouldn’t recommend betting on that many. This bet predicts the outcomes of two dice at once rather than all three or the sum of these, and the payout odds are 5 to 1.

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Just because the previous rolls didn’t show any Triples doesn’t mean a Triple is due to arrive. You’ll also notice a horizontal line of squares featuring numerical values running across the center of the table. These are for betting on the exact total of all three dice combined. Safest bets in Sic Bo are bets that are Low-High as they have a near chance of winning.

How to play Sic Bo- Playing and betting like a pro!

When betting Doubles, you can bet on any pairing you’d like, or multiple pairings simultaneously, but you can’t bet that any Double will occur. In other words, Doubles bets must be specific (two 1s, two 2s, etc.), but you can bet as many of these as you want. On the other hand, Triple bets work the same way, but a special square is also included allowing players to bet that any triple will occur. The upper left-hand and right-hand corner of the betting grid are large squares featuring the words Small and Big. This simply refers to the amount of the three dice that the dealer will roll once all bets have been made. When sitting down to a Sic Bo table for the first time, you’ll likely notice how the table layout resembles that of a craps table.

Sic Bo Betting Options

Sic bo (骰寶), also known as tai sai (大細), dai siu (大小), big and small or hi-lo, is an unequal game of chance of ancient Chinese origin played with three dice. Grand hazard and chuck-a-luck are variants, both of English origin. The literal meaning of sic bo is "precious dice", while dai siu and dai sai mean "big [or] small".

Additionally, a respected online casino should offer a variety of secure payment methods to accommodate players’ preferences and protect their financial information. By carefully evaluating potential online casinos and taking the time to research their credentials, you can enjoy Sic Bo with confidence and peace of mind. Focusing on bets with higher probabilities of winning is a cornerstone of any successful Sic Bo strategy.

A board shows various different betting option, and a bet is placed by placing your betting token on the relevant segment(s) of the board. As Sic Bo is decided on a single roll of the dice, there is no strategy involved. The only way the player can influence the expected cost of playing is by selecting the wagers with the lowest House Edge. In general these wagers are the Big/Small bets though this is not always the case and as such players should refer to the table above. It should be noted that by and large the Big/Small wager (as long as it does not pay less than 1 to 1) will generally cost only a small fraction of the cost of the other bets on the table. Sic bo is purely a game of chance, whereas craps allows for strategic play.

You can place bets on 1, 2 or all 3 dice via the betting grid and put your chips in the respective area. Then, the dice are shaken or “rolled” and once they have settled, winnings are awarded. If you are new to the game our quick start guide to playing is the place to start. We cover everything you need to know to play Sic Bo both at land based casinos and at online casinos. Sic Bo is an unusual game in that the player has no control over the outcome. Both live and digital Sic Bo offer the same odds and payouts, so the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and playing style.

It is a table game where bets are placed and then three dice are shaken and revealed to give the game outcome. The house edge ranges between 2% to over 30% and the pay offs range from 1 to 1 to over 150 to 1. Despite those limitations, there are many reasons to play online Sic Bo. Online players receive more deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, free bonus chips, and reload bonuses. This increases your odds by lowering the house edge because a certain percentage of your Sicbo bets will be risk-free. Sic Bo played online is essentially the same game as brick-and-mortar Sicbo.

This electronic board displays the outcomes of recent rounds of play. Every roll of the dice is purely random and independent of the last. The Big and Small bets have the best odds and the smallest house edge. You can also bet on a specific set of triples, but your odds are worse here. You can make a Double Bet when you think that two of the dice will come up having the same number. This bet pays 10 to 1, but you only have a 7.4 percent chance to make the right prediction. The original Sic Bo game is most popular in Asia and Macau Casinos.